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Thread: Engines destruction figures? who makes these things up?

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    Engines destruction figures? who makes these things up?

    Recently im seeing more and more comments by people about how much abuse certain engine parts can take? It seems that everyone is an expert on prediction and that our pistons will melt as soon as you reach 300Bhp, thats if your rods haven't exited out the side of the block already. Then your crank will snap in half should you so much as look it the wrong way?

    Now i understand that stresses increase as you push your engine more but i for one have only seen a couple of threads about blown engines and each one of them have been through faults rather than too much power, running lean through busted AFM for example. It can't all be because of so called "tuners", i know they know they're stuff but they also have a business to run and don't think they don't bear that in mind when recommending what to do to your engine.

    I only tend to look at 3 forums and one of these has lots of good powered cars, pushing big figures (400 - 500 bhp) and these do the thing that are talked about, like bending rods.

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    i also agree, it seems what ever companys are say peope just believe but is it tested?

    the only time i have seen melted pistons was at 888 last year for teh xmas get together and the guys explained that they were fairly well tuned road cars that had been run on poor quality fuel. after changing the required parts and then run on different fuel there has been no problems!

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