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Thread: Will this work?

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    Will this work?

    every1 knows that the astra engine runs hot and the performance is better when its a cold day (due to denseness of the air) soooooooooo

    would it be possible to fit an intercooler before the air intake (to cool the air) before it goes into the throttlebody to maximise the denseness of air in the combustion chamber, thus giving an increase in performance?

    or is it a silly idea as wont gain anything on a NA car but cost sum money?

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    Sorry but it won't work. Intercooler's work by running hot air through a radiator which attempts to bring the air down to the radiator's temperature - the radiator will increase in temperature in doing this, so it gets cooled by the airflow at the front of the car. The larger the difference in temperatures between the radiator and the air, the greater the effect. So a good intercooler, fitted away from the engine at the front of the car, can cool the hot air coming in down to close to ambient temperature.

    Seeing the problem yet?

    Assuming you're using the factory airbox, the intake already is at the front of the car. It's already breathing ambient air. The piping to the throttle body is short and won't pick up much heat. So seeing as you can't cool ambient air lower then ambient temperature using just a radiator... there's no gains to be had. You could cool the air by running it through an air conditioner or spraying water on the intercooler as a form of evaporative cooling, or using high power peltier devices, but there's no real point - all of these devices add another restriction on the intake, cost weight, and require power from the engine to run - which the lower temperatures likely won't make up for.

    Nice thinking outside the box though

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