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Thread: Alarm with a mind of its own

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    Unhappy Alarm with a mind of its own

    Hi fellow members, newbie here,

    I have a problem with my 51 plate astra, the alarm keeps going off !
    sometimes it will sit for ages without sounding off and other times it will go off 5 minutes after locking the car up.

    Anyone had the same problem or got a clue as to what the problem is ?

    It is a factory fitted set up on a 51 plate sri 1.8

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    Welcome mate

    A very common problem with the factory alarms is the powersounder batteries packing up meaning you need a new siren. Just search on here to see how many times it has come up before!

    There are a couple of other things it could be but you really need to get your car to vauxhall to see what they might be.
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