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Thread: Blue Astra MK3 3 Door 1.6i For Sale

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    Blue Astra MK3 3 Door 1.6i For Sale

    Hey All

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this or if we're even allowed to sell on the forums but its worth a shot anyway.

    I'm wanting to sell Mk3 1.6i as its time to part ways and insurance still costing £90 a month is just to much to deal with.

    its an L reg born 1994, 81,000 on the clock and needs a little love.
    I'm only asking £200 for her, just to cover the brand new rear tires I put on it 2 months ago and the service it went through last month.

    The reasons I say it needs a little love is cause the paint has some problems where there are some issues with the laminating coming off particularly over the rear left wheel arch, also has some minor scratches and a deep on under the left mirror. It also has minor leak in the power steering rack and gasket so power steering fluid and oil need topping up maybe once every six weeks or so, but to be honest I've only topped up the power steering once in the year I've owned it so I dont think its a particularly big leak.

    Other than that it still runs pretty sound, never have issues starting it even when the entire outside of the car is frozen solid thanks to this beautiful weather we're having now.

    I have all the papers the previous owner gave me for it, pretty much everything thats been done to it in the last 10 years in reciepts or some form of record.

    the 6 disc CD Shuttle is also coming with it just to sweeten up the deal a bit. there is already leads to the boot to put in a massive amp/bass speaker if thats your thing as well.

    I can through in my Tom Tom for a bit extra if you like as well.

    Sorry I dont have any photo's at the moment but I can see what the light is like when i get home this evening or sort some out on saturday when the (you an can call it that) sun is up

    Cheers and thanks for looking
    PM me for any details or my mobile number and we can talk

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    So Sorry mods, I've posted this in the wrong section, I've created a new one in the classified section so if you could please delete this one that would be great

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