Hello all, im new to the forum. I have absolutely no past knowledge of Astras or even vauxhalls to be honest. I currently have a mk1 Golf and my new(to me)mk3 astra van merit 1.7td GM engine.

So far i have managed to break the head (stupid cam pully), Sort out the radio code and get a resistor pack? for the heater which sometimes decides to work others not and then when it does work it is only on full blast.

Today i went to the scrap yard and got myself some roof bars(front to back type with the cross bits aswell) for 10 which was good. Two slight problems tho, one - i forgot to take off the gutter strips with holes in the different places, two - i dont wanna start drilling holes in the gutters in the wrong place. so does anybody have any dimentions where to drill.

Thanks alot Rich