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Thread: new car

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    new car

    hey guys, just joined astraownersclub, so im all new to this site,

    i just brought a new astra sxi 1.6 and im putting in my new sound system, but im having trouble on where to thread the main power lead, ive threaded it through all in the inside but how do i get the lead to the battery. where do i thread it through? far as i can see there is no where to go from. do i have to drill holes? if u guys can help, that be brill, thanks


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    Welcome Steveo

    The MK5 is simple for getting a power cable through the bulkhead. On the passenger side there's a large rubber grommet used by the factory wiring. Just pierce a hole through this and all will be good. I ran a "0" guage cable through there the other week

    I'm sure there's some pictures on this in a sticky towards the top of this forum
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