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Thread: Sony MEX-BT3600U review?

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    Sony MEX-BT3600U review?

    Hi, im thinking about getting the above head unit for my crimbo from my lady friend. Does anybody have it and if so what do they think of it? Pros and Cons? I like the idea of streaming my ipod music and also the hands free for the phone. Plus its an extra 10% off at the moment and free fitting

    I know i will need the lead for the steering wheel remote altough not too fussed anout the display

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    Good unit in all fairness.
    You won't be able to stream your music via bluetooth from your ipod as the ipods bluetooth doesn't let it do that. You would have to buy an adapter from sony which is about £40 to stream your music.

    USB works very very well however again does not let you use your ipod cable to access ipod music, you can however use usb sticks (very cheap for about 8gb now).

    Longevity of the units is good, SQ is ok until just over half volume on the scale as after it will begin to distort.

    Bluetooth connectivity is very good however 1 outstanding point is that it is purely answer or reject, the unit won't search your phonebook.

    other units to look at are Pioneer 600,700 or 800bt
    Kenwood 5041 with bta-200
    or Alpine 9882 with kce-350bt

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