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Thread: What the...? Lights.

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    What the...? Lights.

    I had both my headlights go in a week, so yesterday I was hours from home in the dark & had no lights, so the 999mechanic came out, I'd got Halfords bulbs (448 ) which listed in the book for up to 05 model was correct (mine os a 54 reg). The bulbs were wrong (I pin instead of 2) but the mechanic tried a spare he had which didn't work - ok it could have been a duff bulb, but I had to be towed home by the recovery truck
    However, the electrical test the mechanic did showed a decent reading from the light socket, which didn't go to zero on switching off the ignition.... stumped!

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    Sounds like you need a proper test on the lighting, what you explain doesn't make sense

    It could just be blown fuses or a faulty headlight switch though
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