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Thread: dents and scratches

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    dents and scratches

    hi, well at the weekend i left my car in a dodgy area and it got kicked in on one one side....both passenger side doors and the rear quater where kicked in...

    been to see a body shop specialist and he quoted me £400 as they all need a respray.......i jusr woundering the best way to go around it. weather to replace the doors and the panel or just give it to him and let him pull the dents out fill a little bit and spray.....

    im just trying to keep cost down...obviously/...

    also im paranoid about the paint looking diffent and not matching and beiing noticable evan tho this bloke is well respected and had a newish porsche sitting outside his work but iv never been in thois sittuation b3efore and i just need to put my mind at rest as its pi55ing me off...

    Thanks James
    ps i did post this on the bodywork forum but no luck......

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    ask him if its garanteed to look the same. or ask him if he'll blend it to the same colour as your car is now, to make it match. Might cost extra might now. but its worth asking.

    Also a new door from the scrappy might work too, it all depends on the condition and colour fade of that door too.
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