Couldnt believe it when i got sent off yesterday for the first time in my life. I was playing in goal and a long ball over the top left me one on one with the centre forward. I was running out staying big to make it difficult for him. He got to ball first and tried lobbing me. The ball hit my shoulder and my momentum took me sliding out of the area at which point the ball landed on my out stretched hand. The centre forward appealed for hand ball and i stood up and raise my hands to admit that it had my hand so the ref, who was 20-30 yards away, blew up. The ref then called me over and showed me a red card.
That means i am suspended for 28 days and have to pay a £20 fine.

You may say that i was the last man and i was so i should have gone but in a previously a team mate of mine was on the recieving end of a very late tackle that has left him with a nice gash in his leg about 4 inches long and the offending player only got a yellow card even after he told the ref to f**k off to his face.

If refs want respect they need to earn it!!!!!!!!