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    Hi All

    I have just bought a Mk4 Astra and am picking it up on weekend.

    I notced that it has clear angel eyes on the car and i have a few questions.

    1. Are the headlight bulbs still the same such as H7 etc
    2. To make the angel ring glow blueish do i just change the side light bulb?
    3. I want the headlights to glow blue. can any1 recommend headlight any headlight bulbs that would do this?

    Thanks Guys and ill put sum snaps of my astra up when i get it.

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    There are a few different makes of Angel eye headlights avaiable, all of which can take different bulbs so we would really need to a picture of the lights to advise
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    ull need a xenon hid conversion kit for the lights to shine blue 8000k/10000k...i wudnt bother with the 'xenon' gas filled bulbs cause they produce hardly any light and dnt make much differnce in colour!

    Not sure about changing colour of the rings bt white or standard would be the only 2 legal colours.

    depending on which angel eyes i know the fk onez take h7 bulbs which are standard factory astra ones i believe?

    a few questions of my own:

    if using the angel eyes does it reduce the light given out compared to the standard factory headlights? as it seems to on my m8s unless hes done something rong

    r they easy to fit?

    do xenon hid kits look better wid the angels or with the standard astra lights?

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