After noticing over the last few weeks that more and more new members have been joining up to the region and posting about local cruise nights, IE Falkirk cruise and East Kilbridge cruise, i have decided to create a thread for the sole use of informing members about them etc.

I personally don't bother to much with them anymore BUT im aware some members do so lets try this and see if it works!

PLEASE use this post to inform other members off when, where etc and any other info you feel they may want to know.

I will moderate it every couple of weeks or so and remove the old crap etc so it dont become a 9 page ramel about the same thing etc.. BUT if anyone within the region wishes to take on this post ( by means of updates and info, gathering the meet info etc ) then fire in and pm me details and i will do any deleting etc thats needed.

As i say, its just a suggestion to try stop countless threads about the same thing going up every week.. If it dont work then it dont work! lol

let me know what you all think tho....