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Thread: headlight switch wiring and boost gauge wiring

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    headlight switch wiring and boost gauge wiring

    Hi all.

    Im hoping to wire up my boost gauge tomorrow and would like to wire it up to the headlight dimmer switch (like I did in my old golf) Reason being my boost gauge is going in the vent next to the HL switch. So does anyone know which wires are which?

    Also on my boost gauge I have 3 wires red,black and yellow. I'm guessing red is positive black is negative, but I have no idea what yellow is for? Its an autogauge if it makes a difference. I would check the instructions that came with the gauge, but good old Halfords put a set of instructions on how to fit an air filter!!! lol.

    Any help much

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    You need to connect the illumination up to a grey/yellow wire, chances are this is what the yellow wire is for on your boost guage but I would recomend getting proper instructions before just guessing
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