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Thread: Dipped Headlights stopped working

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    Dipped Headlights stopped working

    On my 53 plate eco4.
    Side lights are ok, Main beam is fine and strong, (which leads me to think main light switch is ok). But nothing happens if I pull th estalk back to dipped. Had a look at fuse box and can't see a blown one.
    I'm thinking the stalk is broke, does anyone have any ideas.

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    Pete I think your getting your main and dipped beam mixed up they should be as follows

    1st turn of the switch side lights
    2nd turn of the switch dipped beam (also known as headlights)
    Push or pull of the indicator stalk main beam (maybe known as full beam)

    Either way first thing to check are the bulbs, I had a car recently where both headlight bulbs blew at once
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