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Thread: Astra LS 52 Plate - Blaupunkt Santa Cruz MP34

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    Astra LS 52 Plate - Blaupunkt Santa Cruz MP34

    Hi there,

    Found you guys while searching for some help on the internet and hoping you will be able to help me.

    I'm trying to install a "Blaupunkt Santa Cruz MP34" stereo into my Astra 2002, which has steering wheel controls.

    Firstly i was surprised when I removed the current stereo (CDR 500 CD) to find it had standard mountings at the back to push the stereo into so thought it was going to be easy.

    Pushed the blaupunkt in and it works (has power) however it constantly displays "Phone" on the display and is muted. I am guessing that my car is sending a signal down one of the cables to say its in phone mode. I would have tried blocking off these wires but as it just "pushes in" I can't get to the wiring at the back.

    Also I have read a few things on the net about having to swap two cables on a vauxhall to do with keeping the memory? Again how would i do this with the connectors set so far back in the dash?

    And finally my stereo claims to do steering wheel controls but is it likely to work with my astra? Below is a couple of pics of the wiring on the back of the blaupunkt.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Welcome mate

    The problem with your new headunit saying mute all the time is that althought the plugs are the same the pin configuration is different so at the moment the feed from the steering wheel controls are going into the phone mute pin. Also your power and ignition feed are back to front

    What i'd recomend is that you get a autoleads adaptor part number PC2-04-4. Before ordering that though ask yourself if you want to pay extra for a steering wheel adaptor as that lead above would be part of it

    All the adaptor leads you may need are listed in a sticky at the top of this forum
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