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Thread: Power Steering Help MK4

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    Power Steering Help MK4

    Hi guys new to this forum but im seeking help !

    bought my MK4 4 days ago its a 1.6 Sxi 99 model

    The chap i bought if off had just replaced the alternator and battery drove the astra home was fine until last night when the power steering went dead. Its an intermitant fault as it works for a bit then packs up again. I get the charging system light come on the dash however it only flickers once or twice and never stays on.

    I was wondering has a sloppy mechanic just bolted this alternator on and not properly connected it maybe a lose ground ? maybe a faulty relay ? or maybe the pump its self has gone.

    Fluid level is fine and i cant see anyleaks any body have any suggestions as a garage wanted £820 to repair it so im keen to see if its just something simple before i replace the unit. going to speak to some other garages probs have to be weekend as im working cos that quote is just crazy !
    Thanks alot

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    check the alternator fixings and connections.. be careful as its live so maybe disconnect the battery.

    or is a knackered rack and its a big bill........
    1.8 16v 99 T plate.

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