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Thread: DJ Richie Don...?

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    DJ Richie Don...?


    For those of you who went to Traxx

    Can you remember this guy from the "kicker" stand?
    He had the 3-4 lasses dancing infront of him?

    I was wondering, did any of you buy his C.D's that he was selling?
    Or know anyone who did?

    I'm after getting hold of some but I can;t seem to find them anywhere!

    Not even on "the bay"

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    hey Deano if its richie don

    you need to be a member on his official website and he will personally email the cd you want

    you give him the name of the album and then he will send it in a zip file

    i got mine a few weeks ago..a waiting another

    but a think he goes by a slightly different name now


    used to be Richie don when i first heard of him like 3 years ago
    hope this helps
    -Trainee car sprayer/repairer -

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