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Thread: Astra Headlights Broke Help

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    Astra Headlights Broke Help

    hi there ppl i have 2 broken front headlights on my astra mk4 , the 2 clips at the top that holds them on has snaped off due to a crash,

    i bought a repair kit from ebay but they dont see to math up any ideas ppl, as the light are wobbeling about when drivein and a need to fix them asap, what is the best glu to use this is the kit i bought will i b better buy a new set of headlight,

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    I've never had to use the repair kit, but they're a Vauxhall item.

    You'll need to trim the broken tabs down to make the repair pieces fit.

    Personally i'd use araldite to fix them inplace.

    Only buy a new pair if you can't be bothered to fix your broken ones. It'll cost you alot more than a tube of Araldite tho.

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