Hi all,

My wifes car has developed a issue, and im wondering if anyone can help pin-point the problem.

Car. 1999 Astra 1.6 16v CD. Automatic. 59,000 miles. Fully Serviced.

In D stationary, pull away very slowly under light throttle and there is a tick tick tick tick tick that is dependant on RPM. As soon as you are over 15mph or into 2nd gear you cannot hear it.
Simiarly if you pull away firmly you cannot hear the ticking.

I did some tests today while on a slight hill with no cars around.
In D, let go of the brake and lightly pull away... tick tick tick tick.... knocked it into N while still moving and noise stops !!.
Back into D, and again the noise is there until you are over 15mph (ish).

Initially i thought it was a stone in a tyre or something. But this is definately Gearbox / Torque converter related, im sure if it.

Any ideas greatly welcome !.

Many Thanks,
Paul Taylor.
Reading Berkshire.