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Thread: smoky MK4 1.7 isuzu

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    smoky MK4 1.7 isuzu

    Hi to all,
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Got 2 fault codes showing:
    1125 Boost Pressure Sol Valve
    0370 Pump Pos Sensor

    Its running, very smoky (black) and very sluggish,
    anything i can do before i take it in and throw some cash at it.

    Have been told that the pump on isuzu engine won`t normally have those faults & symptoms together, could the ecu be at fault?

    Can i have my MK3 petrol back

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    Black smoke is partly burned fuel, first check the air cleaner element and make sure there are no restictions in the air intake. Try having your fuel injectors checked to see if the fuel is being atomised and that solid drops of fuel are not causing overfuelling. Other posibilities are exessive valve clearance that will stop the valve fully opening causing air starvation.
    Diesels need a lot of air intake to work properly and starvation can and will stop your turbo kicking in properly through low boost pressure. Fuel pump timing can also cause problems by being too advanced, but you would proberly get a lot of engine noise if this were the case. If everything above checks out have a compression test carried out.

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