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    Hi Guys

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but with the astra sport hatch i dont want to remove the OEM headunit but i want a better system, what im thinking is running a 4 channel amp from the headunit to components in the doors and possible subs later on, is it easy to run an amp from the OEM headunit and would this sound as good as replacing the headunit ?


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    Also is it possible to fit an aftermarket cd changer to the OEm headunit ?


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    Easy. I have done the same in my car (actually quite fond of having an in dash changer). All you need is an amp that supports speaker level inputs (the oem headunit has an inbuilt amplifier for the speakers, and no preouts) or a bunch of rca converters. Should be able to pick up the latter from any decent car audio store.

    If concerned about quality, could look at getting a JL-Audio cleansweep instead of RCA converters (I opted for this path, more so because the device intrigues me then any real need - haven't checked to see if there's a noticeable difference). - try google if curious.

    In nearly any car setup, most of the loss of sound quality comes through the speakers and their enclosures. Any two decks that have had their outputs flattened (although it wouldn't surprise me if some after market decks boost bass and treble even with all sliders set to flat) should sound reasonably similar. My car annoyingly has some hiss and noise when loading cds etc, which (I believe) is due to a bad ground connection and nothing to do with the deck itself. (Hiss wasn't present through factory speakers, al beit they were amplified less). Going to fiddle around this weekend to try and improve.

    If concerned about sound quality, your best bet (and wisest money spent) would be on deadening. Greatly improves the speakers enclosures - look at basild's vxr under the project car sections to get an idea.

    Anyway, best of luck.

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