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Thread: astra coupe time and date LED

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    astra coupe time and date LED

    my date does not show up under the time. does anyone know how to get around this?

    if i edit the time, i can edit the date too.. and it shows up then. but when i push the button to end - the date jus disappears?

    also, a mate of mine has a mod on his car where some LED's turn on when he unlocks his car with the key fob. looks mint with his car. red rx8, blue interior LEDs.

    anyone know how to do this? im assuming i would have to jus mount the LED's and then wire them upto the interior light? not sure where to hide wiring tho

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    The date should show up with the stereo switched off, just goes off because it's waiting for information to be displayed there. You need to cut a red/white wire, ideally at the display, to get it to stay on all the time
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