I am after some advice before taking further steps.

I have a 57 Plate Vauxhall Astra in Moonland Grey. On the rear bumper in the place where it curves round below the light cluster to just below the boot lid, some tiny cracks have appeared as though the lacquer is cracking. its at an early stage, but can this be repaired easily without any paintwork or visible repair? When rubbing my finger nail over them, they are barely detectable, only the odd one. I was wondering if lacquer can be sprayed over it to seal it again and thicken the lacquer and seal the hairline cracks, as the bumper itself is not cracked or damaged and the lacquer is not peeling yet or flaking.

I would rather find a quick easy solution than take it in for warranty work and lots of hassle, as I think they will argue that it is not bad enough to repair yet, but I am trying to sort it before it gets bad and they want to paint the whole bumper.

I look forward to your advice.

Thanks everyone.