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Thread: Easy Power Gain Reccomendation

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    Easy Power Gain Reccomendation

    HI guys, have had my GSi for 3 months now and am a bit power hungry. What suggestions do you have for a bit more power?

    Currently all i have done is the 2.2 Airbox with K&N panel filter.

    Am in need of a new back box- so is it worth getting a full system with cats removed? what kind of gains am i looking at? What to do with MOT time? How much am i looking at?

    Any other suggestions;

    Thanx all

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    Depends on how much you'd like to spend.

    For example:

    A Cat back exhaust and pre cat removal is going to cost you £450 upwards really.

    For a similar fee you could have a remap on the standard setup gaining you maybe 30bhp and a few torques too!

    I have gone for the breathing mods first ie exhaust and intercooler. Then once i get a precat pipe in i shall go for the remap straight to phase 2 spec.

    As for power gains on your ideas above, i'd say around 20bhp gain over standard but with a remap you could be looking at a lot more.

    And Z20LET's are fine for the MOT with no pre cat and a sports cat in. Only trouble being that the precat pipe and sports cat will cost you around £450 which is more than the cat back exhaust system! So mine is cat back only for now.

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