Right where to start this thread might end up being abit long as iv only just got car but have quite a few plans for it and should be doing some thing new on it everyweek.
The main thing you might notice is 99% off the parts will be second hand and sorced from here or ebay or my scrap yard. The reason being is that i spend most off my money on my kids so not just being tight! lol right pic off the car when i first bought it!
im also not bothered about how much things have cost me so its a 2.2 bertone 57,000 and i handed 1650 over for it i bought it off a lad on here top bloke think his name was drz? Another thing to add is what ever i replace on the the standered unit will be getting sold so ill try keep you updated!

Right so to bring it up to date this week iv managed to get a set off alloys off a lad that lives in the town near me saw him takeing them off and putting some 18s on his vectra so cheekily asked him what he was doing with them and got them for 100 quid so now it looks like this

plans this week are to lower it and have wheels powder coated if i can get down there to see if the bloke i used to know is still there (all four wheels 25 quid) iv also found a grill off kev so hopeing to sort that out.