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Thread: Oil Leak

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    Oil Leak

    For 6 months now, i've had an immense amount of trouble with my car, mainly an oil leak. Simply put the leak appears to be comming from near the bottom cam pully, and is leaking onto the exhaust producing a bad smell. My theory is: -
    Since the cambelt has been over tightened, would it be possible that this will effect the crank shaft and thus causing a break in the crank shaft seal?


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    Best thing to do is clean off the underside of the engine/sump where the leak is and run the engine untill you can see where it is coming from, could be the crankshaft oil seal, sump, or the sump bolts ( which is quite common, oil leaks down the thread of the bolt/s, remove the offending bolts, cover the threads in hylamar or similar and re-fit )
    Overtightening of the cambelt would not cause the crankshaft oil seal to leak, just one of those things if it is that
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