I have been following this forum for the past few weeks and it has helped sooooooo Much.... so to every on this forum... Thanks and I am glad to become a part of it.

But I really need some help or re-assurance.

I have purchased a 2001 MK4 Astra 1.6 8v @ 78K Miles, my question is.
I have recently found that the 1st & the 4th S/Plugs were loose, very loose to the point that oil was sitting in the tube (where the HT Leeds go in) since then I have replaced all 4 plugs but not the HT leads I hand twisted them in to the crunch then 1 quarter turn and they now sit nicely, but I am worried that these very loose plugs have caused more damage then what I can really see (though there is no obvious sign of damage) such as timing etc

I am a little clued up in motoring i.e. oil changes s/plugs fitment, air filter fitment but that bout it.

Can someone here let me know if I have anything to worry about (though the car seems to run fine, now the plugs have changed, before it was a little hesitant at high speeds but thatís about it)

Below should hopefully help in providing help. LoL

1) Injector cleaner (fuel additive "STP")
2) Oil change/flush (new oil, new filter W/Engine flush canít remember the name but they are well established)
3) reset learned values from ECU (I have the kit for diagnostics and resetting learned values etc)
4)cleaned the air filter (K&N)
5) Noticed plugs (changed) I am estimating that I noticed it around 50Mile of my mileage in the car
6) Reset ECU

Another thing is that one time (since I changed plugs) it did not want to idle up to 750rpm-ish (struggled allot to reach the mark) from start, until I gave it the foot, since then itís been fine

Any help is much appreciated