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Thread: Who wants to trade Opel Airbag against Vauxhall Airbag??

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    Who wants to trade Opel Airbag against Vauxhall Airbag??

    Hello at all,
    because Rick is no longer with me and doesn't answer to my PM's, I shall put the question to everyone here.
    Who wants to trade his Vauxhall Airbag against my Opel Airbag?
    The only problem is that I have no second Airbag, which is why I must receive the Vauxhall Airbag as the first.
    Of course, the Vauxhall Airbag must work and look good. My Opel one worked at 100% and it is in very good condition!
    We only must pay the shipping.

    I think this is a very good deal for everybody

    Greetings from Germany
    Opel Coupé Bertone 1.8 16V 125 PS

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    you already started a thread on this a week or so ago,

    ill close this thread and move the other one to the correct section.
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