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Thread: Coolant / Anti-Freeze

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    Coolant / Anti-Freeze

    I need to top up the coolant on my 1.6 Astra G SXi...

    What is the best/recommended coolant for my vehicle?

    What is the correct mix of coolant to water?

    Also does it matter when I check/top it up? (cool/warm engine etc)

    What is the capacity of the coolant reservoir?

    Finally, do I need to flush the system out before I top it up?

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    well the only question i can answer is when to check it, make sure the engine is cold when you check/top it up... otherwise you'll get covered in very hot water/steam!

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    go to your local motor parts place, they'l advise you on which to buy,

    when you do buy coolant, you need to mix it with water at a ratio of like 1:3, but check with the motor parts place,

    as said before, make sure that the engine is cold, and your car is preferably on a level surface
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