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Thread: Cheap Upgrade Help!!!

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    Cheap Upgrade Help!!!

    hi all i am new to the astra world!!!

    having just bought a new astra i am wanting to make it more "my own" with some personal touches.

    so, what cheap but cool upgrades/mods can i make to my interior, which are easy to do?

    my car is a royal blue colour, and im not to keen on the dark interior!

    so i am thinking new colour gear/handbrake gaitor, and maybe a new colour on the centre console?

    what colours would you suggest and also, what else could i do?

    cheers all!!!

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    what i have/am doing, 2 part black/ silver center console
    silver dial rings
    irmscher mats (£60 but worth it imo, the quality is great)
    and silver door pins
    I might get a handbrake handle, gear knob and armrest as well
    just a few silver bits to brighten up the inside a bit
    have a look here for stuff

    Mk4 3 door sxi

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