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Thread: Advice on insurance companies

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    Advice on insurance companies

    i normally think these threads are a waste of time so sorry to anyone i may have said that to before but...

    i just got my renewal from adrain flux and its £564 which isn't the end of the world but got a quote from a few places for a standard car and got £400.05 from privilege,

    now the quote from AF includes cover for my DTUK box, but paying £160 odd more jst for that seems insane to be,

    so my question is can any recommend me some other companies to try with some modifications, i've tried the usual bell/elephant/admiral etc but they want over £500 aswell, and i resent paying 20-30% extra just for a DTUK box....
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    Chris Knott - think that is the other big name for modified cars, never tried them myself though.

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