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Thread: superchipping a 1.6 16v mk4 sport

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    superchipping a 1.6 16v mk4 sport

    ive got a 1.6 16v mk4 astra sport thats pretty gutless and slow to drive ive got a remus centre pipe , deristricted the airbox and done some other minor engine mods would it be worth getting the ecu chipped and has any1 done this and how much would i be looking to pay?

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    Costwise you're not far off a decent remap when looking at the Superchip stuff. Have you changed the backbox aswell as the centre pipe? If you have and coupled with the other things you've done a remap should see a decent improvement but nothing mindblowing, maybe 125bhp or thereabouts at a very rough guess?

    Chips I think start £200+, with remaps pushing £300 or so but the remap should be tailored to your car whereas the chips tend to be a default map and perhaps won't get the most from your car.

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