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Thread: Engine help Y plate Astra 1.4 16v

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    Engine help Y plate Astra 1.4 16v

    Hi all would someone be able to help me?
    I`ve got a 1.4 16v Astra on a Y plate and the bottem end has gone
    what other engines can i bolt straight in from any other year as i`m having loads of trouble getting a bottom end to fit. not looking for a 2.0 but if a 1.6 will fit dont mind that as the insurance wont be much higher.
    Thanks Jamie

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    almost any Vauxhall engine you can think of can be fitted, from the 1.2 (found in Opel Astra G's), through the range of 1.6/1.8/2.0 Turbo/2.5 V6 etc etc or even go crazy and fit a Pontiac GTO V8 (see Pete's coupe)...

    If you just want a "simple" transplant though, then find a 1.6 16v from a mk4, making sure its got the same throttle operation as yours (some are cable throttle, others are electric throttle) and it should just go striahgt in.

    Alternatively, if you're not really looking for more power, why not just look for the same engine that you already have?

    Basically what I'm saying is there's nothing that won't fit if you have the money time and effort
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