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Thread: move 6*9's from parcelshelf to Rear sides

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    move 6*9's from parcelshelf to Rear sides

    Hey all just wondering I have spent alot of money on my 6*9's some nice high end infinty ones and at the momnet they are just sitting not even connected as when i connect to amp they seem to be loud even when head unit in on 5-6 volume. Anyhow is there enough room in the coupe to remove the standard rear speakers in car and replace with my 6*9's???? that way I can at least use them as the rear speakers and then get my front ones upgraded to components???

    cheers for any advice.

    Standard Front Speakers
    Standard Rear Speakers
    Pioneer 750 Watt Amp
    350 Watt Sub
    2 Disonnected Infinity 6*9's

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    Is your gain set too high on the amp then? Turning the gain down no the 6x9 channels should reduce their volume.

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