hey guys as you can tell by the embarrasing "newbie" tag am not exactly down with the language of cars just yet.

i have a black astra 1.8sport 16v (hatch) and have the windows tinted, black angel eye front and black lexus (i think) lights on the back. irmsher spoiler on the back and debadged irmy grille.

now i know the next thing/ maybe even the first thing peeps buy are alloys but as am a student cant afford the pretty ones just yet haha, and to be honest am happy at the minute with the 15" on it as theyre in good nick. (plus its christmas soon and am asking the fat man for some big black ones. alloys that is.)

so now am looking at getting old elanor lowered. now looking around theres alot of stuff i dont really get so was wondering if one of you guys could break it down for me of whats a available and whats best to have, not bothered about speanding a bit, but at the same time dont want top of the range, am happy with second hand shizz. any guestimates at prices would be great too and any advice on where to get it done or if i could do it myself.

anyother info you have or suggestions to make my car better would be much appreciated, only have a standard exhasut as well so any ideas there?

thanks in advance for your help. (if you give me any lol)