Any1 (there are a few ppl who have done this but i havent yet found a thread) changed their festoons (GBox, F/R Roof, Boot) from the standard bulbs to LED bulbs?
I wanna go for White 1s but ther are so may ppl out there selling/importing them (ie ebay) i have no idea which 1s i should go for, which are the brightest etc.
Any 1 got any suggestions/suppliers, i ve seen the 1s which look like theyre inside a standard festoon, the 'flat' 6/9led 1s and the 'high intensity' ones which have just 2or3 leds in them.

Also, i wanna do the rear passenger1s, front reading lights and number plate lights, which ar th flat ended types, ne suggestions??
Any 1s i should avoid?