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Thread: elec sunroof wiring question

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    elec sunroof wiring question

    One for Andy probably but any info greatly appreciated

    My car has always been prewired so eventually got all the parts together for the conversion - went to fit the lot yesterday only to discover that since my car had the ZLET conversion last month (and some of the dash loom converted) I now have a 2001 coupe fusebox and thus no pins in fuse no.30 so cant get power to the harness up in the roof.

    Whats the best course of action here?

    I would rather just pick up the original 12v feed somewhere near the fusebox and power it up somehow rather than running fresh looms therefore i could (in theory) retain the total closure feature etc.

    Would it be a case of picking up the OE harness down in the pass footwell for instance and making it live somewhere here (fused of course) or would drivers side be best (fresh looms would ne needed im guessing)

    this car really has every extra prewired ive ever come across...even the thread carrier for the elec sunroof was fitted!

    Any help on this matter would be appreciated..... shame to be stumped at the very last hurdle.

    Wiring colours/source would be helpful if u can.

    If u need pics of plugs/wiring then let me know but they are the standard Astra/Vectra ones

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    So you just need to pick up a permament live or do you want more info?

    Personally i'd take the wiring down the passenger pillar where you could take the permament live from a thick Black/Red wire where it goes to the bulkhead connector, obviously adding a 20 amp fuse. I'm guessing you will also need accessory feed to and total closure.... This can be picked up from the wiring where it goes up to leave the car for the door grommet, thin Red for accessory, should be Red/Yellow for TC unless the looms have been totally changed for a Coupe (doubt the under carpet ones went) in which case it would be a Brown/Black

    To add the coupe and hatch share none of the same wiring for the sunroof so I think you will have to do it all from scratch, probably could be done by chopping the wires around in the passenger kick panel though
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