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Thread: astra coupe race pipe help

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    astra coupe race pipe help

    i have got my self a race pipe for my 52 plate coupe does the original pipe have flanges and do i need to cut the zaust to fit my new one on ? any help or pix please

    here is the one i brought

    should this jus fit straight in with no probs lol

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    providing ur coupes original centre section joins to the rear box with a 2 bolt flange then it'll be a straight fit

    some models featured a sleeve fitment - if so then a flange will need to be welded onto the backbox etc - few mins work for an exhaust outfit.

    the front of the race pipe slips over the end of ur front pipe as it features a sleeve fitment here on all NA models

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    cheers m8 u ever fort ov being the q&a cheif on here as all my issues u seem to resolve lol

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