Well, First things first... Im Warren, im 19 nearly 20 i live in the South Wales region and im new to the astra scene. I used to own a Renault Megane Coupé, that unfortunatly got the renault bug (surprize surprize!)

Anyway, Last february i found this...

2002 Vauxhall Astra SXi, 1.6 16v, with 51k miles on the clock. I payed just over 3k for it from a dealer.

It didnt stay standard for long, First thing was to transfer all my sounds from my Megane into the astra.

Cant be bothered with the proper spec but I have a Vibe slick 12" subwoofer, Running on a 600W(iirc) mono alpine amplifier. Alot smaller to what i used to have but the quality is just as good, and gives alot of thump when its needed! Since then i have a 1.5 farad power cap to try and stop my lights dimming when i stop moving

After that i gave her her first proper wash, polish and wax. I used the meguires 3 step method, and some back to black for all the trim. Heres the results...

I also gave the engine bay a good clean and painted the calipers red.

Not so long after that i got onto LMF and ended up with a plain slatted grille to tidy up the front end...

Not really happy with the fit but it does the job! Untill i can part with the money for an Irmscher one!

Few more shots after another good clean with the new grille on...

Since then ive stuck 2 new tyres on the front, and purchased an Irmscher backbox...

Still currently unfitted as its the misses bday im a bit strapped for cash lol. I plan to take it down to my local custom exhaust place and get a straight through center piece fitted for a more aggresive sound.

And that it for now! I have plenty more plans and they are as follows:

1. Debadge the rear
2. De-restrict and 'veccy pipe' the air box
3. Some sort of spoiler (GSi, Irmscher?)
4. Tint the front/rear lights
5. Lower (coilovers)
6. Eventually some alloys
7. A spot of colour-coding
8. A few bits for the interior

... in no paticular order!

Im sure theres plenty more that will pop up as i think of them!

Thats all for now, Next update should be the exhaust.