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Thread: starter motor issue?

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    starter motor issue?

    I have a 2000 ACT. I had a new battery fitted the other week.
    Recently i have noticed sometimes when i go to start the car the key will be turned in the ignition to the position to start the car and it will delay a couple of seconds then start.
    This morning however it didnt do this, there was just a clunking noise from the engine bay everytime you turned the key. I dragged my mum outside to help me push the car forward on the driveway as i thought this may help!! It still didnt start. I got my mum to try starting it so i could locate the clunk (which im guessing is a solenoid on the starter???) and then after a couple of clunks it started fine.
    Im not technically minded with engines. I couldnt even locate the starter motor!!!
    Does it sound like a starter issue or what else may it be?
    Hope you can help

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    Firstly the starter motor will be down the back of the engine, probably only accessable from underneath

    This does sound like a starter issue but it could also be a earthing fault. Next time it doesn't start get a jump lead from the battery negative onto a good solid bit of metal on the engine to ellimate the earth
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