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Thread: part number please

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    part number please

    hi all i think me thermostat has gone, Think its stuck open cos it still gets warm but it takes longer. Just wanted the part number for a new thermostat and for a new seal for the housing for when im putting it back together. The car is a 02 plate astra 1.8sxi. cheers

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    To get a new thermostat from Vauxhall, you get the housing and everything.

    Vauxhall Part Number - 90536262

    However, if you get a cool Stat from LMF (not listed on there web site, so you'll have to ring)

    You can fit that to you exsisting housing and reseal it using a bead of silicone.

    I did two How too's for it but they've not been added into the tecnical section yet.

    Click me

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