Right, i've started to machine polish a classic car from 1953 today, don't worry, it's not the original paint! (Just a test area before i do the whole car)

It is working well but i'm just looking for advice on what will get the rest of the marks out. I used a Sonus SFX-2 pad and PO85RD3.02 Menz polish and i think i need to crank it up - whats the next most abrasive combination (i have CYCs Menz & Sonus kit)?

Kit Contains:

1 x Sonus SFX-1 Restore Pad (6")
1 x Sonus SFX-2 Polishing Pad (6")
1 x Sonus SFX-3 FinishingPad (6")
1 x 250ml - Menzerna Power Gloss (S34A)
1 x 1000ml - Menzerna Intensive Polish (PO85RD3.02)
1 x 1000ml - Menzerna Final Finish (PO85RD)

There's a pic!