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Thread: Brake pads

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    Question Brake pads

    Hi guys,

    I have a Astra '03 1.6 8v. It seems that my my brake pads need replacing. Because of the warm weather, I open the windows which is something I not normally do and in doing so heard a slight squeaking of the brakes when applied. The brakes also feel a tad bit uneffective when applied.

    Somewhere on this board someone mentioned something about brake pad warning lights. Is this available on my Astra or only certain ones, because I have not noticed it?

    Should I also change the brake discs as well or is this unecessary?
    Which brand do I buy? GM? what about the ones on Ebay?


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    You'll be able to tell if your brake pads needs replacing, just simply have a look at them and if they look kinda worn and bare, replace em...

    I just replaced a set of mine, for the front, as they had been worn down to the metal, they only set me back £16, but then again, it's just some cheap and cheerful pads till I can afford a new setup.

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