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Thread: faulty power sounder

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    faulty power sounder

    I have read numberous posts on here about faulty alarms/power sounders.

    My alarm keeps going off when I lock it, not all the time though, seems to be random ( usually at 2am!) no tell tale beeps as some posts describe.

    When the alarm goes off, I get the Siren, Power Sounder and Lights Flashing. Can this still be just a fault with power sounder if all three are going off?

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    Welcome mate

    Yes that could still be a faulty power sounder. To quote someone else on this

    Quote Originally Posted by GSIJamie
    Now been 5 days and all good.


    Going off somewhat randomly, atleast once a day but never at night.
    Sounder, horn and lights flashing.
    No warning beeps when turning off.
    To shut it up, unlock and lock the car with the fob or key.

    Changed over the power sounder for a new unit all good
    Want a professional job done on fitting your aftermarket electrical accessories? PM me for a quote
    Electrical fault finding also taken on
    Located in N/W London HA3, and willing to travel within reason

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