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Thread: Bad start developed on car :(

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    Bad start developed on car :(

    ASTRA MK4 1999 2.0 x20xev

    For some reason car dosnt like to start, and when it does the electrical fault light stays lit up and wont clear out, however if on the rare occasion the car does start alright it wil run alright until it starts faulty again.

    Read the ecu with paperclip test and got 0330 camshaft sensor and 1641 which i cant find a reason code for...

    The engine seems to have also developed a high pitched squeel from the back of the block, throttle body area sounds as if its losing air but cant feel any...

    Anyone help me on this, could end up so expensive


    Oh, the car will start everytime tho, its not liek it wont start at all, it just starts with this fault more often then not, and has got increasingy worse, starts more often with the fault, seems to do it moe while hot too

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    I found this but relates to Coupe's?:

    P1641 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Control Circuit

    Good luck getting your problem solved
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