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Thread: Removing the residue window tint leaves behind !!

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    Removing the residue window tint leaves behind !!

    A while back I was pulled over by the police for the tinted windows in the driver and passenger side windows. I was given 3 points and a £60 fine as the tint was quite dark, not the 85% they claimed though I might add !!

    Anyway, they removed the tint there and then and ever since I've been left with the sticky film of residue on both windows. I've tried to move it with jif and various thinners but it is extremely hard to shift.

    Does anyone have any experience of shifting this stuff? What did you use?



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    your not aloud any aftermarket tints on the front driver and passenger windows anymore.

    but when i removed mine on the old car i used MER polish and alot of elbow grease.

    have u tried something like autoglym Tar and bug remover??
    or if the tints were done professional - see if they can clean it up for u?

    thinners will work eventually but wont do your fingers any good and takes ageeeeeees.

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