Purchased as a Christmas present for myself from a family in Huntingdon. 1 family owed, full service history with 56,000 on the clock.

First mods were a home-made stealth shelf and strut brace.

A set of Irmscher headlights came my way. I didn't want to cut the bumper for indicators so I converted the foglights. I wasn't happy with the look so they soon came off and everything was put back to normal.

Helped out a few friends in a galaxy far far away...

A foray to German Ebay bought the first of many overseas bargains. Irmscher rear lights.

Time and the elements were not being kind to the old girl.

So off to the bodyshop for new arches and a full respray.

While away I knocked up a set of speaker pods out of a pair of door pockets to house a set of 6.5" components.

A visit to Santa Pod was calling with a best run of 17.2. A week latter saw the purchase of a K&N panel filter and Magnex s/s system with matching manifold for £110! After fitting, I return to SP and I achieved 16.6. Nice.

Ebay.de next bargain, a set of Irmscher 15" Speedlines with good tyres. £75 posed from Germany!!!

A club trip to TDI at Thurrock for a dyno day, I recorded 104.2bhp & 113.6lbs (figures at the wheels)

The guys at TDi thought restrictions in the inlet system was making the torque peek too soon. They suggested replacing the inlet pipe with a s/s pipe and try an airbox mod done by Courtney and Bill Blydenstien. So I gave it ago.

German Ebay again for the tube.

The box mod. The car did feel keener all the way up the range after both mods.

Things to do next -
Another dyno day in September.
Visit Santa Pod again.
Aov suspension kit.
Keep it clean.