hi everyone,

please could someone help me out on this, i bought a 2005 vauxhall astra 1.9cdti sri (150bhp) yesterday and everythign was fine on test drive before purchase and also on way back, although on the way back from work a management light came on, first of all it was the spanner & car symbol and boost was affected, car running in only limp mode altho running still, kept on doing this after working for very brief periods after restarting engine, then later in evening engine management light only keeps coming on and not the spanner one but with the same effect on boost, ie no boost! car drives but has no real power, not turbo, only runs in limp mode after initially working for a couple of mins ok. car is standard and only 37K miles. please help, any suggestions, ideas or adivce appreciated greatly, cheers everyone in advance.