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Thread: dump valve..

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    dump valve..

    Ok guys ive read quite a few posts and stuff and ive noticed some of you guys know your shit about these motors so i thought id ask here before i go to the "experts"

    About a month ago i starting getting a problem, which was when the engine ran hot and i changed gear my revs used to rise instead of falling when i engaged my clutch. I was told it was a problem with my oe dumpvalve and it was sugguested to have a atmospheric one fitted, which i did. After it was fitted the car ran great but after a few days it started cutting out when coming to junctions or coasting in gear it idles ok but when its falling from revs to idle it seems to drop low and then either stall or pick back up to idle, i took it back to the place who fitted it and they put a new dump valve on and again it was fine for a couple of days and then started doing the same thing.. I asked them what the dump valve is and its a twin piston one but not a baileys its has there name on so i think they get them made for them.. Just wondered what you guys thought before i took it to them again.. Rick

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    I know bailey's revised the dump valve for the z20let to a dv26d or dv36d trumpet type valve as it was causing stalling issues as the springs were to weak at the time, not sure on any other company valves though, I would remove the valve and either get your o,e valve up and running again will cost about £15 for the rebuild parts for the original dump valve, or just buy a bailey type which you know will work better than the one you have.

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