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Thread: remaping the ECM yourself

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    remaping the ECM yourself

    Hi mates.

    I was wondering if any of you have tried remaping the ECM by yourself using the KWP 2000 stuff sold on ebay.

    I was about to order one for myself but the Astra H is not included in the list. Have experienced with it? thanks!


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    TBH mate dont even think about it.
    I used one of these of my MK4 1.7DTi and it left the ECU in permanent write mode (i.e. doesnt close down the ECU) and its map was changing all the time dependant on how i was driving it making it run like a pile of crap.
    Ended up with the ECU crashing and it costing £100 at Vauxhall to have it reset
    If you want a remap pay the money and have it dont properly is my advice.....
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